Climbing: July 4-6, 2014 (Lover’s Leap)

July 4-6, 2014. Lover’s Leap, Eldorado National Forest, California, USA

Photo above: Lovely Wrights Lake has warm-ish and very shallow water. Perfect for cooling off after a hot day of climbing.

Ah, a long holiday weekend. It sounds amazing but in practice it can be a mixed blessing. There are crowds to contend with and that feeling that you MUST do something amazing and super fun because It’s A Long Weekend. John was removed from part of this predicament because his work was forcing to remain on call during the long weekend, meaning that he needed to stay within range of the internet. He ended up hanging out with his road tripping parents in South Lake Tahoe. Sadly, he didn’t avoid the throngs of people who were taking advantage of The Long Weekend. That left me on my own.

Our friends were having their annual Lover’s Leap gathering so I joined them but I still didn’t have a climbing partner. I ended up climbing with Darlene for the first time, who needed some practice after recovering from a injury and its subsequent surgery and before her big trip to the Dolomites.

To be honest, I was a bit nervous about climbing with a new partner because I was getting self-conscious about my abilities as a climber. Since John and I have our system in place it felt kind of weird to think about having a difficult partner. My concerns were quickly dashed away when we actually got on the rock and started climbing.

Darlene and I spent the three day weekend at Hogwild wall in Lover’s Leap because it has a good amount of easier climbing and has an extremely short approach from the Lover’s Leap campground. The short approach would also come in handy because the high temperatures were predicted to be in the 90s; it would be much too hot for rock climbing for most the day.

Over three days we climbed the following:

  • Hogwild 5.7
  • No Gaynor 5.9
  • Ham and Cheese 5.6
  • Innie 5.5 (I think it was Innie)
  • It’s Better with Bacon 5.8
  • Mixologist 5.10a

We ended up bailing on Mixologist after neither of us could pull the 5.10a roof move. (Farewell, binder I found on Matthes Crest!).

In between climbing we stopped in South Lake Tahoe for dinner at Tepp’s Villa Roma (hello, salad bar!) and fireworks on the beach. We also made a stop at Wrights Lake for some wading. At the end of the weekend I met up with John and his parents at Echo Lakes for a walk around the lake.

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